Another weeks flies …


Another week flies by. Are we any better? Any more polished? Any slicker? Are our Mid-West accents any more believable?
Our dear Director doesn’t really think so but I, for one (maybe the only one), believe we are making progress against all odds.
So far we haven’t managed to get the entire cast in the same place at the same time for a single rehearsal and, you know what – it might never happen until the day of the performance. Covid, shingles, colds, hospital and dental appointments, breakdowns (not mental), dead motorbikes, work, holidays, you name it, have all conspired to have us forever acting our individual parts whilst at the same time reading-in for absent friends.
And, would you believe it, we almost ran out of chocolate biscuits last week. However, due to the generosity of the actors so nearly tragically and disastrously deprived of their weekly chocofest, we now have several rehearsals worth of supplies in hand now jealously guarded by our Director and only dished out by him when he thinks we deserve it. The words “mutiny”, “strike” and “resign” are being heard but not as often as in the corridors of Westminster and Holyrood.
So everything will be fine in the end because we can’t survive without our chocolate biscuit fix and we can’t let them go soft, can we?

Anon Y Mouse